In years past, I’ve welcomed winter and felt ready for it.  I’ve loved the coziness of the indoors, homemade soup and hot tea on the stove, wool sweaters and socks, and fresh winter air.  I’ve had a good attitude and even been annoyed by the bad attitudes around me that come with winter weather.  But here I am: things are different this year, and I am feeling down about winter.

I feel trapped and panicked; I am stuck in this freezing cold for months on end with no escape in sight.  I cannot stay warm; I am just so cold. It is overwhelming to me, and no soup or tea of sweaters are helping this year.  A sauna would certainly help, but a vacation would be even better.

What is different this year? I don’t know.  Maybe my thyroid is on the fritz. I apologize for my bad attitude that might rub off onto those of you with a good attitude. Realizing that I have lived through 35 winters, I am yearning for a change.  My bad attitude makes me wonder: Why do I live here and not there? I seem to have forgotten.

I would like a little time without winter, and then maybe I’d want to come back and have it again someday.  After all, winter is a beautiful sight.  And nothing makes spring more appreciated than a long and rough winter.

This is my wish for today: I want to move to San Francisco.  If not that, a vacation would suffice.  What do you think, Alan?

One thought on “Winter

  1. Jolene December 11, 2013 at 6:20 am Reply

    Thinking of you today as our high is big fat ZERO :-( I think our winters would feel less suffocating if the low temps weren’t so dangerously low. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the coziness of winter with low temps in the 30s instead of our 0 and below 0??

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